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Welcome to Sabrina Paranzino our new associate at Glenn Wells Quarter Horses. Sabrina comes to us from Haddam, Connecticut where she was a riding instructor. She will be taking over Ashley's day-to-day duties at the barn. Ashley will still be with us at shows and helping out at the barn when everyone else is on the road. Welcome to Georgia, Sabrina.

Congratulations Pam Hunter. AQHA reports that Zippin Good N Hot just missed the top 20 in Green Western Pleasure despite being off 3 months at the peak of the show season with 32 Green W/P points. Final Tally --47 Open points; 52 Amateur/NA points; Top 10 (7th place) at the East Novice Championship Show in October. What a great year for Pam and Cooper!

Congratulations go to Jeri Spence on her purchase of Peytonsravishingrose. Rosie is no stranger to the show pen with over 70 Novice Amateur Western Pleasure points and two third place finishes at 2012 & 2013's East Novice Championship Shows.

Glenn Wells Quarter Horses' team had a GREAT PHBA Show in Montgomery! Jeri Spence's Hambone won color halter (under all four judges, I believe). Ora Sue Nagy's Hot Shot was a western pleasure machine. She won the Amateur and Select Western Pleasure under at least three judges, might have been all four and Glenn won Senior Pleasure both days. Jeri won four seconds in Amateur and Select Pleasure also! Both Jeri and Ora Sue had horsemanship wins. Way to go folks! I can't list all their individual wins over both days! They did great! Jeri's Hambone ended up Color Champion, Jeri and Gracie were Amateur All-Around Champs and Reserve Select Champs and Ora Sue and Hot Shot won the Select Amateur All-Around Award. Go team!

Congratulations to our winners at the Novice Championships. Zippin Good N Hot and Pam Hunter placed seventh in Novice Amateur Western Pleasure. What a Good Story and Donna Kerr placed tenth in Novice Trail and made semi-finals in Horsemanship. Thank My Daddy and Tori Ferreira were finalists in Youth Showmanship. Impressions of An Amigo and Jan Fulton were finalist in Amateur Trail. Avery Lario and Indias Fine Asset along with Mitzi May and Knights Rockin Star had some really good goes.

Good job everyone! See y'all at congress!

Good Luck to our team headed to Novice Championships in Tennessee, Avery, Donna, Mitzi, Pam, Tori and Jan

Congratulations to the following circuit champions and class winners at the Lucky 7 horse show...

Circuit champion Novice yth horsemanship w/ Avery Lario
Circuit champion Novice Yth trail w/ Avery Lario

Class winner and reserve circuit champion in Nov Am Hunter Under Saddle w/ Mitzi May
Class winner in Green HUS w/ Sheala Kelley

Circuit champion N. YTH Showmanship w/ Tori Ferreira
Class winner and Reserve circuit champion in 14-18 showmanship w/ Tori
Reserve all around novice youth as well

class winner in N.AM Western Pleasure w/ Pam Hunter
Class winner in Green Western Pleasure w/ Sheala Kelley

Circuit By The River in Harriman, TN results

Circuit Champion Green Trail with Glenn
All-Around Green Horse
Circuit Champion Green Western Pleasure w/Sheala
Circuit Champion Novice Am Pleasure w/ Pam Hunter.

I would like to point out this was Carla Lario and India Fine Asset first show ever and she won the Novice Amateur Horsemanship!!! Way to go!! I can't remember where everyone placed

The results are in from the Pro-Am in Conyers, GA

Circuit Champion N.Y. Showmanship with Tori Ferreira

Circuit Champion Novice Am EQ with Monica Yeoman
All Around Novice Am with Monica
All Around Amateur with Monica as well

Circuit Champion Green Western Pleasure with Sheala Kelley
Circuit Champion JR Pleasure with Sheala Kelley

Everyone had a good show I just cant remember individual placings!

Well the Big A is behind us now. But what a GREAT show it was for everyone. Especially our new team members. Linda Parker with Cosmic Heart probably had the best show. Heart was reserve high point Select English Horse for the Stars and Stripes portion of the show. They placed in the top five in most of their under saddle and showmanship classes. Mitzi May and Knight's Rockin Star WON their Novice Hunter Under Saddle class. This was their first time showing at the Big A. They placed very well in most of their classes in HUS and Eq. "McGraw" also did well in Green HUS with Sheala on board. Jeri Spence and Zipsa Gold Star really did well in Novice and Select Showmanship at their first Big A. They had some very nice runs and have the placings to show. What a fun team to watch. Jeri's gelding, Skips Tama Leaguer, had some really pretty trail runs too with Sheala riding.  Carolyn Dodd and Cranes Big Chip did themselves very proud in Select Showmanship and Horsemanship. This was Carolyn's premier show with Choco. Indias Fine Asset with Callie Lario aboard for Small Fry Horsemanship and Trail placed in every class with their best ride earning them a third. Whoo! Hoo! Avery Lario also did very well in Horsemanship, Trail and Showmanship taking top fives in classes of over thirty entries. They have a lot to be proud about. Stephanie Mitchell and More Than Outrageous were really looking good in Amateur Showmanship, HUS and Eq. They had some excellent placings in some really big classes. Tori Ferreira and Thank My Daddy did extremely well in some huge showmanship classes. What an amazing pair these two are. Donna Shirey and Peace Out Man had an amazing show with class wins in Select Hunter Under Saddle, then topped it off by winning the NSBA $1000 3/4 YO Open Hunter Under Saddle Derby with Scot A Jones on board. Wow, what a great show for everyone! Congratulations to ALL!

Congratulations to Kelley Simonsen on placing fourth at the AQHA Select World in Equitation on "A Beautiful Moxie!!" (pictured at top of page with Sheala, Glenn and then breeders/owners, Jan & Norm Mackenzie). Beauty was shown by Sheala when she was a member of our team... In fact, she is the mare Sheala rode to the 2011 AQHA High Point Limited Open Hunter Under Saddle Rider in the nation title. What a great show mare she has become. Another top five world placer Glenn Wells Quarter Horses has trained!!

Congratulations to the Lario family on the purchase of AQHA Youth Performance Champion, Blue Walkers Terms. "Buster" has been to a show or two in his time, he only has over 1450 AQHA points. Some of his accomplishments - Reserve Congress Champion in Youth Western Riding, Top Five Congress finish in Youth Showmanship, Top Five AQHA Youth World Show in Showmanship (numerous World Top Tens), Youth Superiors in Showmanship, Western Riding (also has Open Superior), Horsemanship, and Trail (also has Open Superior). To top it off, "Buster" has numerous youth high point titles. Besides all that, he is a big, beautiful sweetie! Wow, whoo hoo Avery. We can't wait to see what you and "Buster" can do together!

Big Congratulations to Tori Ferreira and Thank My Daddy (Jake) who were 13th in 12-14 Youth Showmanship at Congress. Did you see how many horses were in that class? What a great job they did!

Congratulations Linda Parker for being voted Georgia Quarter Horse Association Amateur of the Year!

We have a new team member, another Lario will be added to the show roster soon. "Mom Carla" is the proud owner of super, super sweet and very talented Katallac Invitation. Carla will soon be out there in Novice Western Pleasure and Sheala riding in Green Pleasure on this gorgeous mare. Congratulations Lario family!



I always hate posting sad news. DeAnne Herring lost her great young horse, Im All A Blaze (Awesome). It is so sad to lose such a sweet and talented horse so young. Our deepest sympathies go out to DeAnne.

We also lost one of our past superstars, Thank My Daddy (Jake). Our condolences go out to Casey Caldwell and Carolyn Bowen on the loss of such a great individual. Both horses will be missed by all.

Good news from the GQHA Summer Kick Off Circuit in Perry. Off the top of my head - Spark of Impulse was Circuit Champion (first under all four judges) in Green Western Riding with Sheala on board. I believe this is the first time Sheala has ridden him in WR. Peytonsravishingrose was Circuit Champions (first under all four judges) in Novice Pleasure with Jeri Spence. There are more results; I will get them posted as soon as everyone reports in.

Everyone had a good Lucky 7 show. There are 500 pages of results. I am going to have to have more time to go through those to be able to post our guys' placings.

  1. Absolute wonderful Horseman's show after an awful start. As some of you know Glenn broke his leg Thursday while loading an injured horse. Sheala, Ashley and Sabrina went onto the show in Perry and these are the results....

    Circuit Champion 14-18 Western Pleasure w/Tori
    Class winner N. Yth Western Pleasure w/Tori

    Multiple 2nd places in walk trot trail w/Callie Lario

    2nd 13& under Western pleasure w/ Avery Lario

    Circuit Champion N. AM Western pleasure w/ Jeri Spence
    Circuit Champion SR Western pleasure w/ Sheala

    Circuit Champion N. Am trail w/Ora Sue
    Circuit Champion Sr trail w/Sheala
    2nd in Am Performance halter w/Ora Sue
    3rd Select Am Horsemanship w/ Ora Sue

    Circuit Champion Select showmanship w/Donna
    2nds across board SR trail w/Sheala
    2nds Select Horsemanship w/Donna
    3rd Open Western Riding w/Sheala

    Circuit Champion green HUS w/Sheala
    Class winner JR HUS ( tied for circuit) w/Sheala
    2nd Select Horsemanship w/Pam
    3rd in Green & Jr trail w/ Sheala

    Great show to head into the Lucky 7!
And another great show at the Circuit By The River in Harriman, TN. Pam Hunter's Zippin Good N Hot won the Open All-Around with Sheala riding. The best Sheala can remember:

2,2,3 in Senior Trail with Glenn

2,3,3 Nov. Amt. Western Pleasure w/ Thad Grafton
2,3,3,3 N. Amt Trail w/ Thad
3rd Select Am WP w/ Thad
3&4 Senior Trail w/ Glenn

2&4 Green WP w/ Sheala

1,1,2,3 Nov. Amt. Western Pleasure with owner Jeri Spence
1,2,3,4 Select Amt Pleasure w/Jeri
1,2,3,4 Green WP w/ Glenn
1&4 Senior WP w/ Glenn

2,2,2,2,3 Select Am WP w/ Pam
1&2 Select Horsemanship w/Pam
4&4 Nov. Amt. Trail w/ Pam
1,2,2,3 Junior WP w/ Sheala
2,2,2,3,3 Green HUS w/ Sheala
1&1 Green Trail w/ Sheala
1,1,1,2,2 Junior Trail w/ Sheala

2,3,3 Select Showmanship with owner Donna Kerr
1,2,2(?) Select Trail w/ Donna
3,3 Senior Trail w/ Glenn

We had another good show at the ProAm in Conyers. Peytonsravishingrose (owned by Jeri Spence) won the Green Trail Circuit Championship with Glenn. Jeri won her Novice Amateur WP out of 13! and took a third her first time showing in Select. Zippin Good N Hot won the Green HUS Circuit with Sheala on board winning under all judges. Cooper is owned by Pam Hunter. Mitzi May is back in the show pen taking a second in HUS on Knights Rocking Star. Katallac Invitation did well with Sheala in GWP. Donna Kerr and What A Good Story were top three in Select Horsemanship, were top five in showmanship and did very well in Trail. Carolyn Dodd aboard Cranes Big Chip placed well in Novice Amt. Horsemanship. Linda Parker did very well in Showmanship, HUS and Equitation with her new horse My Custom Lowrodder. Ora Sue Nagy placed fourth in a huge Nov. Amt. Trail  and Glenn was fourth in a big Senior WP class.

Our team had a great weekend in Harriman, Tennessee! KATALLAC INVITATION placed well in a tough green western pleasure class, fifth with Sheala, she's owned by Carla Lario.
RADICOOL INVITATION, in his first show since 2011, was third in green trail and got three seconds in performance geldings with Glenn, he's owned by Brigid Woodbury
WHAT A GOOD STORY was a super star. First and seconds in novice showmanship, second and thirds in select trail, second and third in select horsemanship, and second and thirds in showmanship all with Donna Kerr, they ended up reserve all-around select amateur. On Friday, she won the senior trail under three judges with Glenn.
ZIPPIN GOOD N HOT took a third in select horsemanship, and fourth in select pleasure with Pam. Then he won a third in junior trail, second and thirds in green and junior hunter under saddle with Sheala.

Everyone and I mean everyone had a great Stock Show. Has anyone mentioned what a great show it was. Thank you Horseman's Quarter Horse Assoc. for such a nice event.

Callie Lario aboard India Fine Asset was Circuit Champion in Small-Fry Trail. Avery Lario was Circuit Champion in 13 & Under Horsemanship aboard Uno too, both had several class wins. Callie won a fourth in her loping class on Sunday! Jeri Spence and Peytonsravishingrose were Circuit Champions in Novice Amateur Western Pleasure. Jeri won her class ( along with two seconds and a fifth) and this is only her second time showing Rosie. Way to go! Glenn also won Green Trail (OUT OF 21 HORSES) on Rosie and placed top four under other three judges. We might also add Glenn and Rosie were top five under all judges in Green Western Pleasure. Jeri's other horse, Skips Tama Leaguer won Open Ranch Horse Pleasure with Sheala riding. What a fun class! He was also top three under other three judges. He's really coming around nice in Trail also. Cranes Big Chip, proudly owned by Carolyn Dodd, was top six out of that 30 head of horses in Green Trail with Sheala, he also had a great go in Senior HUS with Sheala. Then with Carolyn, they were top five in Novice Amateur Showmanship and top three in Trail. Whoo Hoo! Sheala won the Green HUS aboard Zippin Good N Hot then was Reserve in Junior Western Pleasure on Sunday. His proud owner, Pam rode him to wins and reserve finishes in Select Pleasure and top four in Amateur Horsemanship! He is really coming along in trail too. Spark of Impulse and Glenn were reserve champs in Senior Western Pleasure in a very deep class and top three under other judges. They were also top six in Senior Trail (OUT OF 30 HORSES). Then Hot Shot proudly carried Ora Sue to the top four in Select Western Pleasure. They have a lot to be proud of! In just his third show, Im All Ablaze with Sheala in the saddle were reserve just about across the board in Junior Hunter Under Saddle. Awesome was awesome! Can't wait to see DeAnne out there showing him. Last but not least, What A Good Story won Open Western Riding and Circuit Champion with Glenn. She and Glenn were top five in that huge Senior Trail class too. Then proud owner Donna Kerr led her to a win and reserve in Novice and Select Amateur Showmanship, top six in Select Trail, and top five in Novice Amateur Horsemanship. Then Gracie tops it off by being top three in Senior Western Pleasure with Sheala aboard. Really, really good show for everyone! I know there were a lot more placings but I just have no more room. Keep up the good work!

More news from the Dixie Nationals.
Callie Avery and Indias Fine Asset had a great ride in small fry walk-trot, out of a ton of kids they ended up third overall, were top five in small fry showmanship and horsemanship. Im All Ablaze was seventh overall in Junior Hunter Saddle with Sheala on board. Awesome is proudly owned by DeAnne Herring. This was just his second show! Jeri Spence's Peytonsravishingrose placed top ten overall in Green Western Pleasure with Glenn. Pam Hunter and Zippin Good N Hot came back for finals in pleasure then placed top five in select Amateur Horsemanship. Then with Sheala on board he was top three in Green Hunter Under Saddle (he had a first and second under two judges). Congratulations everyone!

Sounds like "Team Wells" is having a great Dixie National. Congratulations to Callie Lario and Indias Fine Asset for winning the Circuit in Small Fry Trail.

Uno was then top five in 13 & Under trail with Avery Lario. Glenn and Peytonsravishingrose had a great Green Trail debut! Sheala and Skips Tama Leaguer (owed by Jeri Spence) were top ten in Green Trail, top three in Junior Trail and top ten in their Ranch Horse Pleasure debut. Sheala and Zippin Good N Hot were top five in the Junior Trail. Glenn and What a Good Story were top ten Senior Trail and third in Western Riding. Congratulations!


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